Our team

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Investigative staff

Quantumcorp appreciates that the right people are a key ingredient to delivering effective services.

We recruit, induct, train and praise staff to ensure a consistent level of knowledge and skill which ultimately guarantees clients the desired outcome:


As a recognised quality provider of investigative services, Quantumcorp faces fewer challenges than many other organisations in attracting staff with the right qualifications.

Our staff are all licenced.

Many have completed relevant tertiary qualifications in investigation and related fields.

All staff hold appropriate insurances.


Staff are inducted prior to commencing work. The induction process involves:

Execution of a contractual agreement – all personnel who undertake investigative work in the field for Quantumcorp do so pursuant to a contractual agreement.

Provision and discussion of the Quantumcorp Code of Practice. It is an explicit term and condition of the contractual agreement that personnel work in accordance with certain guidelines which conform to a Code of Practice. The Code of Practice contains the Quantumcorp vision and service guarantee as well as strategic company policies like Privacy and Occupational Health & Safety etc.

Provision and discussion of Operations Manual

Provision of company uniform - including business attire, and field operations safety wear


Skills development, both at the time of induction and ongoing - is a feature of Quantumcorp operations.

We are recognised as leaders in the field for our ongoing skills training and development programs. These take the form of:

  1. quarterly intensive training workshops
  2. periodic lectures from external expert speakers
  3. attendance at relevant industry seminars and conferences
  4. regular updates on legal, privacy and other developments in the field
  5. intensive coaching and mentoring by our Directors in relevant skills areas
  6. peer review and quality assurance
  7. circulation of relevant knowledge updates
  8. updates (written and oral) on relevant legal, privacy, operational, and technological matters.

From the time of recruitment onwards, Quantumcorp works diligently to increase and improve skills and knowledge of all investigative personnel. Clients can be confident that all investigative personnel and key support staff are thoroughly vetted to ensure they have requisite knowledge to perform well.


Quantum staff participate in 6 monthly performance appraisals.

All appraisals are conducted by our Directors.

Topics to be appraised include:

  1. understanding your role
  2. understanding legislation
  3. organisational skills
  4. statement and report compilation
  5. client management skills
  6. productivity
  7. meeting client deadlines.