Our expertise

Our aim at Quantumcorp is to provide professional investigative solutions across a range of business sectors and personal domains.

We specialise in six distinct fields:

  1. insurance
  2. legal
  3. corporate
  4. employment
  5. sport
  6. personal.

The insurance industry has long been a consistent source of investigative work for external providers as businesses and insurers attempt to assess liability and identify bone fide and/or illegitimate claims.

However, due to significant legislative and operational changes only those firms able to deliver increased professionalism, broader coverage, more timely and accurate reporting and greater accountability have survived.

Quantumcorp has embraced the new environment and risen to the top providing service levels and outcomes to major insurers and self insurers not seen before.

Our expertise includes:

  1. workers compensation
  2. CTP accident claims
  3. public liability
  4. product liability
  5. motor vehicle theft
  6. property loss
  7. income protection
  8. marine.

"It is without hesitation that I recommend the quality services of Quantumcorp to any insurer or self-insurer. I endorse their impressive reputation for providing a quality service."

Legal Services Manager - Woolworths Limited.


Quantumcorp has forged strong relationships with numerous legal firms and corporate counsel and has earned an enviable reputation for providing timely, reliable, creative yet accurate litigation support.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. asbestos related claims
  2. common law liability
  3. industrial deafness claims
  4. witness location
  5. economic loss.

Case study - Beneficiary of large estate located in Aboriginal community in Darwin


Quantumcorp recognises the pressure on corporations and businesses alike to control and ultimately eliminate risk, internal fraud and theft and property misuse – problems that arise daily and can have catastrophic economic consequences.

Our corporate team assists corporations and businesses to identify risk areas and eradicate elements of internal fraud and theft and property misuse.

We apply our vast experience and skill to expose the full nature of any internal situation, how it developed and/or how an offence was perpetrated and we also provide recommendations on how similar situations can be avoided in the future.

Our range of corporate services include:

  1. corporate fraud
  2. internal theft
  3. executive misconduct
  4. property misuse.

"Your two guys have done a great job. They have both delivered the result and given our managers confidence to work through a very tough issue."

National HR Manager, international steel manufacturer

Case study - Bullying,violence and property misuse exposed in international steel manufacturing company.


Quantumcorp is aware of the onerous responsibilities placed on corporations and small businesses to provide a fair and harmonious working environment. Our team provides independent, objective and professional support in a range of employment areas.

Evidence is gathered discreetly and succinctly so as to:

  1. ensure peace of mind and harmony in the work place
  2. eliminate risk at work
  3. prevent costly workers compensation claims and/or unfair dismissal claims
  4. identify and eradicate elements of employment fraud.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. pre-employment screening
  2. occupational health and safety
  3. occupational stress, harassment and discrimination
  4. conduct and discipline
  5. employment fraud.

Case Study - Quantumcorp exposes top executives


At Quantumcorp we are acutely aware of the ever increasing pressures faced by professional sportspeople, sporting teams, clubs and governing bodies as their movements, behaviour, social activities and decisions are constantly exposed and scrutinised in the public domain.

Quantumcorp provides investigative support for professional sportspeople and governing bodies to assist in the responsible management of a variety of potentially damaging issues for individuals, clubs or codes.

Our highly experienced and credentialed investigators leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth – all facts will be established with the utmost discretion to enable clients to make informed and responsible decisions.

Case study - Rumours of sexual misconduct strike junior sporting club
Gym instructor involved in the sale of elicit drugs


Quantumcorp has recognised the fact that individuals lack the resources, time and expertise to conduct professional enquiries in matters of a personal nature. Our range of personal services include:

  1. missing persons
  2. background checks - domestic staff, nannies, sibling friends, sibling partners
  3. monitoring sibling behaviour.

Case study - Background checks identify dishonest domestic staff
Parents stunned at daughter's activities