Our service guarantee

Quantumcorp is well renowned for it’s unique client management strategies. In this respect, we are totally committed to tailoring our services to meet the individual requirements of the client.

Our service guarantee involves the following key elements:


Quantumcorp guarantees to carry out our investigative work in strict compliance with client standards.


We carry out our investigative work in strict compliance with privacy laws.

Relationship manager

We appoint a designated Relationship Manager to oversee the needs of individual clients. The Relationship Manager is easily accessible and ultimately responsible for quality control and service levels.

Team of investigators

We appoint a designated team of specialist investigators to each client. The team is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client.

Reporting system

We offer clients a unique reporting system, thereby ensuring that they are fully appraised of the progress and status of each matter at all times. We have a tiered reporting system that includes:

  1. immediate acknowledgement of instructions
  2. contact with associated parties within 24 hours
  3. allocation to a suitably qualified and experienced member of staff within 24 hours
  4. weekly factual progress reports
  5. surveillance progress reports after each sit
  6. full client reviews on a quarterly basis. The quarterly reviews form an important part of our commitment to quality assurance. The purpose of the reviews is to ensure that the appropriate level of communication is occurring between the business partners and that the appropriate standard of service is being provided. We will provide a quarterly report outlining jobs received and jobs completed, deadline issues as well as costing issues (providing average costs and total costs) to ensure total quality and client satisfaction.
Client log-in

Quantumcorp offers clients the ability to track and monitor the progress of each matter using our unique internet feature.

Literally at the press of a button, clients will be able to view the progress of an investigation at any time.



"Due to the quality of applicants, we appointed three firms on a six month probation, with one firm to be removed based upon agreed peformance indicators.  At the conclusion of the probation period, Quantum had performed in the 99th percentile for all jobs referred both in terms of timeliness and adherence to instructions.  This was certainly beyond my expectations."

Solicitor,Legal Services Manager,
Major Self Insurer.