Nick Palmer
Manager, CTP & Liability Practice

Nick leads the widely-acclaimed Quantumcorp CTP team.  He manages investigations to produce the right information, in the right timeframes, and at the lowest realistic cost, so insurers make sound, timely decisions.

He brings a rare mix of 12 years trans-Tasman investigations and inquiries experience, including in skip tracing, financial investigations with two large financial services organisations, plus five years’ service as a police officer.

With advanced qualifications in investigative services, policing and crash investigations, plus a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree, Nick is well-credentialed to manage, quality-assure, and lead the Quantumcorp CTP investigations practice.

He is expert at analysing instructions, and strategising and directing teams to achieve results for insurers.  He is across all relevant Australian legislation and regulations, and provides clear and decisive instructions to his team to ensure that the right evidence is being obtained, case by case.

Nick has forged a reputation for:

  • special expertise and advanced training in crash investigations
  • incisive investigative strategies
  • speedy triage of claims and appropriate delegation to appropriately skilled and located investigators
  • ability to obtain detailed and relevant witness statements
  • expertise in reconstruction of accident scenes, including producing accurate scale diagrams and site plans
  • timely reporting to insurers
  • strong understanding of CTP fraud
  • tight budget control
  • appreciation of client expectations
  • concise and authoritative recommendations and reports.

Nick is commended by clients on his excellent oral and written communication skills, great attention to detail and dedication to producing results that improve insurers bottom lines.