Samantha Hawcroft
Manager, Workers Compensation Practice

Samantha specialises in all manner of personal injury claims investigation and heads Quantumcorp’s Workers Compensation Practice.

Having spent the earlier years of her career with Quantumcorp as an investigator in our specialist Psychological Injury and Work Injury Damages teams, Samantha was frequently requested to investigate matters of a highly sensitive nature, as well as complex litigated matters involving catastrophic injuries.

Her sound understanding of common law potential coupled with her meticulous planning and attention to detail make Sam well-placed to oversee the management of the Workers Compensation Practice and its flourishing group of specialist teams.

As manager of a large practice area, Samantha works closely with clients to maintain high levels of communication and streams regular feedback through to her team, bolstered by additional training, to ensure Quantumcorp’s work is always up-to-date and in step with insurers’ needs.

With a keen interest in developing both new and existing investigators, Sam’s focus is set firmly on delivering high quality investigations to clients every single time, ensuring expectations are not only met, but far exceeded.

Through her track record of diligence and skill, Samantha has forged a reputation with workers compensation insurers for producing significant and relevant information upon which solid liability decisions can be made, often within tight time-frames to facilitate a rapid return to work.

Her warm yet no-nonsense approach instills confidence in clients and their stakeholders, who can be assured of an investigation of the highest quality, at all stages of the process.