General insurance practice

Established in 2006, Quantumcorp’s general insurance team has an exceptional track record of success over many thousands of investigations, including matters involving policy breaches, opportunistic claims, and fraud.

Our general insurance investigations specialists work with large insurers, niche insurers, claims management organisations and lawyers.

With specialist experience spanning all types of general insurance factual, surveillance or online investigations, ranging from the routine to complex, we quickly identify relevant facts relating to issues such as:

  • arson, fire and malicious damage
  • burglary, break in and theft
  • business continuity
  • marine claims
  • motor vehicle accidents and theft
  • occupiers liability
  • product liability
  • property damage (commercial and domestic)
  • rural property damage
  • suspected staged accidents
  • travel claims.

Our investigators cover metropolitan and rural and remote areas to assist with cost-effective management of claims investigations.