We help clients identify a clear pathway in otherwise complex situations

What we do

In an investigations industry characterised by highly variable quality, questionable training standards, and management often more entrepreneurial than methodical, Quantumcorp stands out.

Pioneers in investigative services, Quantumcorp’s innovative approach enhances overall consistency and drives expert, specialist investigation reports:

  • We favour employee investigators, rather than independent contractors.
  • We embrace domain specialisation – investigators specialising in one core line of business and becoming truly expert in that speciality.
  • We tie it all together with our proprietary client relationship management system, Q-track, ensuring thorough case management from start to finish.

We offer market-leading service centred on delivery of efficient, effective and outcome-focused investigations.

In all facets of our work, we help clients sort fact from fiction, identify and mitigate risk and make highly informed decisions backed by water-tight evidence.