Online investigations

Social media and the broader online environment are valuable investigative tools to provide real-time, geographically accurate information, new avenues for investigation, and to assist claim validation across all practice areas.

In our investigations, we not only scan common social media sites, but also apply advanced investigative techniques such as algorithmic and code-based searches, geolocation metadata searches, identifying connections and possible cohorts/accomplices, metadata and data analysis, and group crime and intelligence.

Quantumcorp's specialist online investigators maintain their cutting-edge knowledge and understanding of the rapidly evolving online environment through regular training and through memberships to leading industry organisations, including:

  • High Technical Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
  • Australian Information Security Association (AISA).

Conducting targeted, detailed online investigations to reveal relevant information for our clients, our online investigations include the following services:


Social media investigations

Quantumcorp's social media investigations involve scrolling social networking and publishing sites for open source intelligence to help clarify a subject’s recreational activities, work status, interests, and physical capacity and capabilities.

These sites can include links to user blogs and forums that our investigators analyse for a deeper understanding of the subject’s personal circumstances.

Targeted reporting by Quantumcorp’s online investigators means clients can quickly determine if the SMI revealed information or activity that may be beneficial to their future claims strategy or claims validation.


Internet mining investigations

Quantumcorp's internet mining investigations expand on social media investigations with other web and advanced database searches to provide insights into areas such as the target's employment, property, business and financial history.

We have built unique capabilities in this area through specialised training and use of industry leading tools, platforms and software.

Quantumcorp’s specialist online investigations capability includes:

  • analysing metadata (from pictures, videos, documents etc.)
  • analysing geo-locational metadata
  • identifying UIDS (unique identification numbers) of social media accounts that have been deleted or removed
  • investigating the dark/deep web, in line with case-specific objectives
  • investigating e-commerce activity (regarding stolen items; selling stolen and/or illegal items)
  • tracking and tracing a person’s movements online/offline
  • building intelligence on personal and family information
  • graphing intelligence to display how people are connected (e.g. identifying connections and intelligence between the claimant and persons of interest, family, alleged criminals)
  • identifying possible cohorts and accomplices
  • IP tracing and cross referencing
  • inspecting and analysing phishing emails
  • inspecting and analysing email headers.



Clients receive concise and relevant information, presented in an easy-to-read report on detailing online investigations.

All evidence we capture (e.g. screen capture; a sectional capture of a social media post or comment, video clip) displays a time and date stamp identifying when the capture was taken.

When video/video-like data is for evidentiary purposes, we capture it using open source intelligence techniques (OSINT) – for example, YouTube and Facebook video clips are not downloaded but captured using a video screen capture tool that includes a time and date stamp showing when the capture was taken.

These methods ensure that information we deliver has been lawfully obtained and will support your claims decisions.