Automated workflow and real time communication is the heart of our case management system and the secret to our efficiency

Q-track: built by us, for us, to better serve our clients

Q-track is Quantumcorp’s custom developed, web-based, client relationship and case management system, first introduced in 2006.

Widely recognised as the most relevant investigations case management system in the insurance sector, Q-track provides a completely integrated investigation management and reporting system for clients, with the ability to transition to a completely paperless investigations management model.

Q-track provides users with a 360-degree view of all casework, allowing for meaningful discussions and enabling clients to make informed, on-the-spot decisions.


Q-track benefits for clients

Q-track puts clients in control of investigations.

This powerful platform allows clients to monitor overall claims efficiency, costs, individual claims progress and compliance with KPIs.

In a single, online solution, Q-track provides:

  • all the tools for complete investigation tracking, start to finish
  • instant access to files, and real-time monitoring of investigations
  • two-way communication, straight from the system
  • instant and automated SMS and email notification when instructions are accepted and milestones achieved
  • comprehensive electronic reporting suite with click throughs to statements, video footage and other evidence
  • auto-generated updates and on demand reports to check compliance with KPIs and service standards, costs and efficiency
  • up to the minute, accurate financial reports that itemise investigation costs
  • e-commerce capabilities including e-orders, e-instructions, e-acknowledgement, e-billing, e-statements
  • detailed work flow reporting capabilities
  • resource centre, where relevant information is stored for investigations staff and clients.


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