Quantumcorp provides innovative and expert surveillance observation and reporting services in metropolitan and regional Australia.

Our surveillance team is experienced across the full range of business sectors including:

  • income protection
  • total permanent disability (TPD)
  • workers compensation
  • CTP
  • public liability
  • recovery claims
  • internal theft and fraud
  • loss prevention.

Our experienced surveillance operatives work with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Advanced surveillance techniques and methods mean our service remains uncompromised and we obtain high-quality evidence, focused on the allegation or case.

Quantumcorp surveillance specialists prepare detailed and concise reports and are skilled in presenting evidence at court hearings when needed.


Professional supervision and strategisation of each case

Like our other practice areas, our surveillance practice is a specialist service area. Highly trained and experienced surveillance operatives are supervised by a dedicated surveillance case manager.

Working closely with our operatives and clients, our surveillance case managers strategise each individual case on its merits – we do not use a "one size fits all" approach.

Following a thorough desktop intelligence gathering process, our case managers evaluate the intelligence and provide a tailored strategy for each and every surveillance investigation.


Professional standards

Quantumcorp has conducted surveillance on behalf of insurers and other clients since the late 1980s. Our surveillance operations processes and procedures ensure:

  • compliance with applicable legislation, including Australian privacy legislation
  • compliance with client instructions.

We make all reasonable efforts to confirm a subject’s address before starting surveillance and keep clients updated on progress and results throughout each operation.

Each Quantumcorp field operative adheres to a strict code of conduct to protect the integrity of the evidence we gather and the brand reputation of our clients.



As operations unfold, clients are kept up-to-date so they can make instant and informed decisions about next steps. Our surveillance operatives check in every five hours.

When it comes to delivering findings, Quantumcorp reports are concise, clearly set out and easy to read. Each report contains relevant photographic evidence and sub-sections setting out the relevant issues; each report is tailored to the individual and unique characteristics of the surveillance assignment.



Quantumcorp ensures that the privacy of persons external to each investigation is protected at all times. Field operatives are trained to focus their attention on the subject of their investigation, but when persons external to the investigation are unavoidably filmed, Quantumcorp is able to apply advanced pixilation techniques to protect their identities.