Who we are

Quantumcorp is an independent Australian company providing factual, surveillance, desktop and online investigation services, as well as vendor management programs, to the general insurance industry, self-insurers, law firms and corporate clients.

In continuous operation for more than 30 years, today Quantumcorp’s management, operations and investigations team is 200 strong.

Led by Managing Director Tim Blank, Quantumcorp is a specialist provider of all types of insurance, corporate and commercial investigations services, helping clients to sort fact from fiction, identify and mitigate risk and make highly informed decisions backed by water-tight evidence.

Our vision and values

Our vision is to be widely recognised as the leading investigation services firm in Australia. To be recognised as the leaders, we value:

Honesty and integrity

We are open and transparent, inspiring trust and confidence through our actions.

Pride in performance

We take pride in our performance, always striving to exceed expectations.

A sense of urgency

We respect that time is of the essence. Without compromising performance, we approach all business with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Continuous improvement

Committed to continuous improvement in everything we do and everything we deliver, we work diligently to advance our knowledge, our methods and our overall performance.


We are creative, strategic and visionary – always thinking ahead.