Factual investigations

Quantumcorp independently gathers and assesses facts on time, professionally, and cost-effectively, and we report our findings in simple but detailed professional reports.

Our team applies best practice investigative techniques to ensure clients receive exemplary professional service and dependable outcomes.


Quality approach to factual investigations

Quantumcorp's proven procedures and controls ensure we deliver on our promises and meet or exceed client expectations for quality of evidence and reporting in factual investigations.

To gather quality evidence, we:

  • treat each referral as unique, assigning a coordinator/manager to develop strategy and monitor progress
  • monitor investigator entries into Q-track, and regularly communicate with investigators and case managers
  • review each project after completion
  • require sign off on each piece of work and quality assurance of all outgoing reports by management
  • provide regular training to our factual investigators to hone their impartiality and objectivity.


Factual reports

Quantumcorp delivers detailed and well-illustrated factual reports to assist clients to manage difficult situations, and determine future strategies.

Our evidence-based reports are void of opinion and enable clients to make informed decisions and take action.

Each report is thoroughly reviewed and vetted for compliance with client service standards and KPIs by Quantumcorp’s dedicated practice manager.