Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

Quantumcorp has successfully investigated thousands of CTP matters for law firms and insurers since 1985.

In all CTP investigations, our specialist team thoroughly investigates and reports the relevant facts for optimal management and rapid claim decisions. Evidence gathering and reporting spans:

  • digitally recorded interviews
  • typed signed statements
  • video and photographic evidence
  • scale diagrams
  • other supporting documents.

Our investigators are adept at recognising fraud, as well as liability and contributory negligence issues, and know how to approach the best avenues for potential recovery and sharing.

The team is highly skilled in Nominal Defendant matters, producing well-illustrated reports to support water-tight decisions.

Other features of Quantumcorp’s investigation service span:

  • in-house, cost effective transcriptions
  • high quality, scaled diagrams sourced using the latest specialised software
  • relevant photographic material
  • detailed video analysis, clearly demonstrating road and traffic conditions at accident locations.


Specialist CTP team

The Quantumcorp CTP factual investigations team is comprised of specialists who work solely in our dedicated CTP practice group.

Every team member completes Quantumcorp’s specialised CTP training program before they are assigned to an investigation.

Team members investigate liability issues and other contributory factors, recovery issues, and CTP fraud – a serious and complex community issue.

In difficult or sensitive matters, Quantumcorp’s psychological injury specialists, who have psychology, counselling or mediation training and skills, are available to manage interviews if appropriate.


CTP fraud team

The NSW regulator estimates that the additional cost to NSW motorists of fraudulent and exaggerated CTP claims is as much as $400 million per year.

CTP fraud can be categorised as either hard fraud or soft fraud:

  • Hard fraud is fraud related to the circumstances of the accident or injury: either the accident did not actually happen, or no injury was sustained, thereby rendering the entire claim bogus.
  • Soft fraud involves exaggerated injury claims in cases where an accident did in fact occur, but the claim contains exaggerated elements (e.g. inflated claims for care or loss of earnings), but is in other respects bona fide.

Quantumcorp responded to this growing fraud trend by creating a dedicated team of fraud investigators specialising in CTP fraud.

Our highly credentialed team works closely with insurer clients to manage these issues and provide solid investigate support and evidence to effectively challenge fraudulent claims.

For more information about Quantumcorp’s dedicated CTP fraud team, send an email to Quantumcorp.