Workers compensation

Quantumcorp has earned a reputation as one of the leading workers compensation investigation firms in Australia.

With a history of service to workers compensation insurers dating back to the 1980s, Quantumcorp successfully investigates thousands of workers compensation injury matters for client law firms, insurers and self-insurers each year.

Our workers compensation investigations team comprises highly experienced employees, adept at recognising issues relevant to liability, negligence, and fraud, who will strive to identify realistic avenues for potential recovery.

In all workers compensation investigations – whether accident, stress, bullying and harassment, or fraud – our team completes thorough investigations of backgrounds, incidents, and facts to deliver high-quality reports to clients.


Specialist teams

Unlike many of our competitors, Quantumcorp streams workers compensation investigations into one of three specialist teams:

  1. standard workers compensation investigations – for straightforward, non-complex claims
  2. work injury damages investigations – for complex claims with exposure to work injury damages and litigated claims
  3. psychological injury investigations – for complicated psychological injury claims.


Each of our investigators are:

  • highly qualified, well-educated, and thoroughly trained
  • appropriately licensed
  • led and closely supervised by enlightened and educated managers
  • fully supported by well-designed workflow and administration
  • equipped with the latest technologies.