Psychological injury

Quantumcorp’s specialist psychological injury investigations team provides focused service in workers compensation and other insurance claims.

From inception to completion, the Quantumcorp psychological injury team will support your cases and claims with investigations that result in sound outcomes.

We pioneered this style of factual investigation in 2009, and now have an established team of investigators. Each team member:

  • holds advanced tertiary qualifications in psychology, behavioural sciences, mediation, counselling, and other similar subjects
  • is thoroughly conversant with investigations best practice
  • demonstrates genuine expertise and interest in human behaviour
  • rapidly develops a rapport with contacts throughout each investigation
  • has exceptional people skills to manage difficult interview situations and gain the trust of injured persons
  • deals respectfully with all stakeholders
  • focuses on the outcome
  • gets results for clients.

Several members of our psychological injury team have worked as claims officers and managers in insurance companies, and apply that experience to enhance their work as investigators.


What you can expect

  • Sensitive management of psychological injury claims
  • Insightful investigation
  • Zero complaints or allegations of injury exacerbation arising from poorly managed interviews
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Thorough understanding of and respect for your goals, preferences, and priorities
  • Clear, detailed, reliable, high-quality reports
  • 100% confidence that your psychological investigations are optimally resourced
  • Substantially improved business outcomes