Quantumcorp manages high volumes of personal injury liabilty work for insurers and councils.

Our specialist team has a full range of experience in personal injury investigations, from high volume public and products liability claims against large supermarket chains to highly specialised, complex and sensitive matters for NSW Treasury Managed Fund, including claims for catastrophic injuries.

We have the right expertise to manage all liability claims requirements and explore relevant liability issues, including insured negligence and proximate cause.


Personal injury claims

Quantumcorp's experience in personal injury claims spans public liability,occupiers liability and domestic liability.

Examples of personal injury liability claims Quantumcorp has investigated include:

  • residential accidents
  • playground accidents
  • schoolyard incidents
  • slip and falls in supermarkets and other retail outlets
  • injuries sustained in sporting activities where the oval, arena or court has fallen into disrepair or is poorly maintained
  • dog attacks
  • plane or boat accidents
  • incidents on public property
  • incidents on council property.